The iPad isn’t the laptop replacement Apple wants us to think it is, but anyone who outright dismisses it as a productivity device shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The iPad can feel magical when you know the right tricks at hand. Once you’ve mastered them, work sometimes feels fun. It may not be a MacBook, but you’d be wrong to dismiss it as a giant iPhone.

If your gadget gets broken, you can immediately call the iPad repair store and fix your gadget in no time. Have you ever noticed why everyone is so crazy about Apple phones, iPads, and accessories? The main reason is its features and the hype. 

Below are some unexplained features of the iPad in detail.

Place your home screen

When you finally reach your iPad home screen, you’ll notice the widget layout. By default, your iPad will include the clock, notes, calendar, weather, and news. You can manage this layout to best fit your needs. Even if you’re happy with the default apps in place, long-press the app to see extra customization options or hold and drag to rearrange the gadgets. you can place your home screen anywhere at any time.

Vital Apps – Facilities

The iPad makes it super easy to open usually used apps by letting you put a ton of them on the dock. The iPhone, by contrast, only lets you put four apps or folders down there.

I suggest putting as many commonly used apps on the dock as possible. This will speed up your output since you can always see the dock when you swipe up from the bottom of the display, but it’s also essential when you need to access an app through split-screen multitasking.

Splitting Keyboard

Are you tired of hunting and pecking with one finger when holding the iPad like a clipboard? Apple lets you split the keyboard in two so that its two halves go to either side of the display. If you’re a decent typist, it makes typing a lot faster.

This is one of the ease which an iPod user can avail easily. Splitting the keyboard can help you to do multiple work at the same time.  This feature can save you time and make you feel like you have so much capability to do multiple things at the same time. 

Importance of Dark Mode

Apple will ask if you want to have your device in light or dark mode during the initial setup, but you can always make changes in the Settings app. Tap Display & Brightness to swap between modes, set custom schedules (like your screen dimming at sunset), and use True Tone, automatically adjusting your screen’s brightness based on current ambient lighting.

Splitting Screen

An everyday use might be opening your calendar app while writing out a to-do list in the reminders app. To start a split view, open an app, tap the small horizontal trio of dots at the top of your screen and choose the layout you want. 

By Manali

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