You may wonder why web design is vital and excellent while developing a business website. How can you assess this and make sure you cover all the website design basics?

Website design goes beyond aesthetics. It’s one of the most important aspects affecting a user’s site experience and brand perception.

Web design really can make or ruin your business. Unconvinced? The stats speak for themselves. 75% of people assess a firm by its website design.

If that doesn’t convince you to hire a web design agency, stay reading as we list the pros and principles of excellent websites.

Great Website Design Benefits

  • Impresses Initially
  • Improves Google Ranking
  • Appearing Credible and Approachable
  • Generates Sales Leads
  • Compare to Competitors
  • Brand Personality

A successful website generates leads, sales, and page views. Web design may help you reach any metric.

Website Design Principles

Good website design provides customers with the best brand experience, but you can follow some basic guidelines to get started.

Website Layout And UI/UX

The website design must appear attractive and serve a function. 77% of agencies believe bad website UX is client vulnerability. Even if they get colors and fonts correct, a bad user experience might undermine all their hard work!

Thus, constantly consider the user’s experience. A good website lets users find what they need effortlessly. Your site will be closed if it takes too long or seems overwhelming.

Nowadays, attention spans are short, so put the most crucial information front and center.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Consider your phone usage. Mobile websites: how many? We’ve all visited websites that required scrolling or pinching to read. Unnecessary!

85% of adults think a website must appear excellent on mobile and desktop. How does this affect website design?

The display must match the device’s pixel width, whether it’s a desktop, smartphone, or iPad. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly before launching.

Quality Copy, Images, And Videos

Large website pictures are one of the greatest blunders firms make. This slows page loading and picture loading. If your website’s photos don’t load, 39% of viewers will leave.

After getting the pictures perfect, add a video. 

People also overlook webpage copy. Poorly written, jargon-filled material will not impress buyers. Remember that readers will skim, so grab their attention.

Demands (CTAS)

Your website’s purpose? You want a nice first impression and action! CTAs remind us and make it easy to do this. Website buttons like reading More, Download Now, Contact Us, etc.


A well-structured SEO-backed website is far more likely to get free, quality visitors. Your website should be found so you may reach clients without chasing them.

Designing a website with SEO in mind will eliminate the need to restructure and improve later.

Social Proof

Fake news and low-quality brands abound. Thus, it might be difficult to find the best among these (you). When a potential consumer visits your site, social proof like case studies, testimonials, etc. can help.


It’s astonishing how many companies don’t have a Brand Guide with their colors, typefaces, etc. If you are, start with your website!

You must replicate your website content on all business platforms, including social media. Brand consistency makes your firm recognizable and credible. 

By Manali

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