The practice of online tuition has started very recently but has already gained popularity in various circles. In the present age of digital technology, the education processes have developed to get adapted to the changing scenario. The concept of online tuition was never thought of but now it has become a widely accepted method. Online tutor is nothing but the digital learning apps that are used by students to get the necessary guidance on their studies. Students are utilizing the opportunities provided by digital platforms in the process of learning. Students are quite happy and satisfied with the online tuition as it allows flexibility in terms of time and location to carry out studies. Various coaching and training institutes are offering online tutoring facilities to help students interact with teachers even without being physically present but meeting on a virtual platform.

What Is Mean Formula in Math?

In mathematics, mean is a very common and widely used concept. It represents the central tendency of a group of data. There is a mean formula that is used to determine the mean for a given set of data or observations.

Mean is also commonly known as average. The mean formula states the process of finding the mean or average value of a set of data. The mean formula is defined as the sum of all observations divided by the number of observations. 

The mean formula can be written as Mean = (sum of total observations)/(Number of observations)

Online Tutoring Process

Online learning is challenging in the sense that it is difficult to make students engaged and involved. The solution to this problem is to create an interesting and effective environment of learning through the application of simple and innovative methods. The online classes conducted by online tutors guide students to learn and solve assignments. Online mathematics tuitions have proven to be very effective for students by making them competent to handle complex mathematical problems. Theoretical learning has to be supplemented by practice and handling assignments so online tutors follow a practice-based learning method to develop their concentration and problem-solving and time management skills. The practice-oriented learning approach with regular assessment of performance helps students improve on their weak points and track their progress.

Mean Formula Example


Let’s consider a group of data containing five observations or values which are 3, 14, 9, 2, and 12. Therefore, as per the mean formula the mean value of these observations will be:

 Mean = (3 +14+9+2+12)/5 = 40/5 =8

The mean value is the average value of a data set. It falls in between the maximum and minimum values of the data set. The mean value may or may not be equal to any values in the data set. The mean formula is an important formula that is applied frequently in statistical analysis. 

Online Tutoring Platforms

The online learning platforms allow both the students and teachers to conveniently handle the digital tools to make the learning process more fruitful. The audio, video, and conference facilities in online tutoring platforms help students experience the feeling of live classroom sessions. The websites of various learning management platforms offer opportunities to students to avail themselves facilities of online tutors. The tutors guide students in improving their knowledge gap and clarification of their doubts on various topics. This gradually builds up their confidence and ability in handling various assignments related to the subjects. 

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