As you begin to narrow down your college choices, visits and tours can play an important role in your decision-making process. But what should you expect when you step foot on campus? Here’s a look at what you can expect on a college visit, from start to finish. Keep reading to learn more about making the most of your time on campus.

Touring Campus on Foot

When you visit campus for the first time, you can expect to tour the school on foot. You’ll be doing lots of walking around. But this is a crucial step in allowing you to visualize yourself attending the college. To prepare for your day of walking, you may want to consider wearing orthotics for flat feet. Orthotics are shoe inserts that help to correct and support the foot. They are often prescribed for people with flat feet, as this condition can cause problems like pain in the ankles, knees, and hips. Orthotics can be bought at most pharmacies or sporting goods stores, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have flat feet, it is important to wear supportive shoes whenever possible.


Financial Aid Session

During a financial aid session, you will learn about the different types of financing options available to students and how to apply for them. Advisors will also help you estimate how much money you will need to attend college and how much aid you are likely to receive. You may also be able to submit your application for financing your education during this session.


Meeting With a Professor

When meeting with a professor, you should expect to discuss your academic interests and ask any questions you have about the professor’s course. It is also an opportunity for the professor to get to know you and see if you would be a good fit for their course. You may want to ask the professor about their teaching style and what they think are important qualities for a successful student in their class.


Dining on Campus

The food on most college campuses is not going to be as expensive as eating out in the town or city where the school is located. In addition, many colleges have a variety of dining options, from all-you-can-eat buffets to sit-down or fast-casual restaurants. You can usually find something to your taste, whether you’re a vegan or a meat-eater. Keep in mind that the hours of operation for campus dining halls and restaurants can be different from what you’re used to. They may be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week but closed on weekends. And they may close early on weeknights. When you do a college visit, they may provide a meal for you depending on the university and tour. Be prepared to check out some of the food options and figure out whether they’re suitable for what you’re hoping to have while attending school.

If you’re interested in attending college, then you’ll want to seek out the help of a college counselor. A university counselor is a professional who helps students choose and apply to colleges. They can offer advice on majors, scholarships, and financial aid. Counselors also help students prepare for the SATs and other standardized tests. During a college visit, counselors usually meet with prospective students and their families to discuss the student’s academic history and future goals. They may also tour the campus with the student and answer any questions they have about the school. Overall, it is important to read this guide before visiting a college to ensure that you make the most of your time on campus.

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