Enjoying sports is hard when you don’t have a way to watch your favorite team’s matches in your region. At least not without paying for a streaming service. Fortunately, you have free online streaming websites such as the Streameast these days. While it’s not a sports-oriented site per se, you can find free, stable sports streams across the desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Streameast has quickly become the best free live sports streaming platform. Let’s see why it is so.


The user-friendly layout of Streameast can easily rival that of premium websites such as MLB TV or NBC Sports. The top of the page has all the sports types you can browse. The bottom has the menu for all the sports streaming live at present.

There is a menu bar that allows you to head to your favorite league. When you click on a live sports stream, you’re redirected to another page where the live feed will start playing.

Viewers and streamers alike have to sign-up with their names and email address on the website. However, streamers can choose not to disclose their identity for extra protection. Additionally, as a streamer, you can block anyone who makes inappropriate comments.


Streameast is primarily a free website for viewers and streamers. You can watch any stream, and you stream any sports whether you’re a free or pro member.

Only, a pro membership allows you to watch multiple streams at the same time. You can also simultaneously live stream multiple matches.

Additionally, using Streameast pro means freeing yourself from the ads.

 All of this at $14.99 per month, which isn’t a bad deal, all things considered. You can stick to free membership anyway.

The platform also has a free 30-day trial period. You can try the premium membership mode and if you are not satisfied, you can switch to the free version.

Video Quality

The quality of your video stream somewhat depends on the streamer. If you have a cable or fiber connection, you will need at least a  5 Mbps connection to stream HD-quality video.

On Streameast, you have a high chance of finding streams routed directly from NBC Sports Live Extra or CBS Sports Network. However, you might not get the highest quality from these websites since it’s a streamer taking a double load on their internet connection from streaming.

Standard quality for sports shouldn’t be a huge issue for you either.

User Experience

Streameast does not have a mobile app at present. You can access the website through your desktop or a mobile browser.

The website is perfectly crafted for mobile users. When you open it on a mobile web browser, the layout shifts and adjusts for the small screen. As a mobile user, it does not feel any different from using a streaming app, only that you are accessing it through a browser.

The only thing remotely discouraging is the presence of ads. However, you can hardly find any free streaming website where ads are not active. Therefore, the site owners have to earn money in some way.

The ads on Streameast are mostly tolerable, as they try to minimize it as much as possible. Sometimes, having a good adblocker can also help you out. Unfortunately, though, when you try to watch a stream, you have no choice but to allow ads.


Streameast itself is an illegal website. You can not hope for a free streaming site that would be legal. However, the contents streamed on the website are all legal.

The website layout also resembles legal websites. Therefore, it is mostly safe for viewers and streamers. However, it is best to be cautious when accessing these kinds of websites. You want to place further safeguards by using VPN to access the website.

Final Thoughts

You can stream any of the major sports like Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Table Tennis, Cricket, and Formula 1 on Streameast. There’s also a live chatbox where you can engage in conversation with other viewers while enjoying a stream. This makes for a more exciting fan experience as you can discuss the moves of your favorite stream. Even the main steamer might join the chatbox.

Overall, we hope you enjoy the best free live sports streaming platform safely.

By Manali

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