Upgrade your plan if you are not getting the internet speeds you need. If you do not see the speed your plan should allow, upgrading your plan might be your best option. You can boost your wifi signal for free.

Is there a paid solution to your wifi issues? Absolutely. There are two options. You can spend more money on your ISP or buy a better router. These methods can be costly so you need to first see if there are ways you can improve your digital life.

Place your router in an open area

Moving your router outside is one of the best ways to improve your wifi performance so that you can enjoy games such as Madalin Stunt Cars 3 to their full potential. Although it’s tempting to conceal your router somewhere that no one will notice, who wants to look at a blinking, boring box? Your devices aren’t interested in being hidden.

Your router sends out your wifi signal. If it is hampered by interference, the signal won’t work as well. Interference can be caused by physical elements like doors and walls, as well as electronic signals from devices such as wireless phones and microwaves.

Keep this in mind when moving your router. You can raise the router by placing it on a shelf or on a raised surface. Your connected devices will get a stronger signal if the router is not hidden behind doors or walls.

Keep your distance from the router

Similar to the previous point, make sure your devices are as close as possible to your router. You don’t have to sit right next to your router or force your PlayStation to be connected at the hip. However, if your router is working well, it’s best to keep your devices within easy reach.

Do not run multiple devices simultaneously on the network

It is possible to do a lot online at once. For example, you might stream a 4K TV show on Netflix and play games with your friends while simultaneously downloading a series to your iPad. Multitasking can be great, but it can cause slow internet speeds.

You don’t want internet-intensive tasks running simultaneously if you are trying to increase wifi speeds or performance for a particular task, such as downloading a file quickly. You should pause any other tasks at all times. You might need to ask your family and friends to pause their favorite shows or stop streaming to Twitch if you live with them.

The ol’ classic, turn-the-router-off-and-on-again move

All electronics follow the same rules as routers: Turn it off and turn it back on if something is wrong. You can reset the router’s power if your internet isn’t working as it should.

Use a better DNS

DNS (or Domain Name System) is often referred to by the internet’s telephone book. Your browser performs a DNS lookup when you visit a website. Your computer must know the IP address of the website, not just the name. This query communicates with a database in order to verify that your entry’s IP address has been listed. If it is not, the search will be sent to a wider range of databases. The result will allow you to connect to that site.

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