It’s finally here, your quick and easy guide to losing weight. No more overly-complex guides or special diets that are impossible to follow. Here, we get back to the basics and give you a clear and effective regimen designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off. 

The truth is, losing weight usually takes time. Even though people want to look and feel thinner overnight, that’s not often the way things work. Sure, there are surgeries and other drastic measures you can take, but for the most part, losing weight is a gradual climb. You have to retrain how you approach food and how your body reacts to what you eat. 

The majority of your work will happen in the kitchen. Why? Because most successful dieters know how hard it is to burn calories. It makes you think twice about eating that candy bar or having that extra slice of pizza for dinner. Staying in a calorie deficit is much easier if you avoid eating as much. Exercise helps, but a mistake many people make is overeating after exercise. You come home from the gym hungry and feel like you have more freedom to eat. 

Toss everything you’ve tried out the window and follow these basic steps to see the results that you deserve. 

Shortening Your Eating Window

We’ve all heard people extolling the benefits of intermittent fasting. While it’s true that fasting helps your body process foods, most of the benefit comes from the fact that you’re not eating as much. Snacks, coffee shop drinks, and other things you consume throughout the day quickly add up. If you stick to a defined eating window, you have fewer chances to snack, even if you eat larger meals. 

One thing that you can also do to shorten your eating window is to go to sleep earlier. This helps you avoid harmful snacking late at night when your body is ready to sleep and not in the mood to push your metabolism. Having an early dinner, going to sleep early, and doing other things to avoid snacks will go a long way. 

Drink More Water!

If you’re not in the habit of drinking a lot of water each day, then you should up your water intake immediately! Drinking a gallon of water a day is great for your metabolism and will make you feel fuller faster. It’s also good for energy levels and your skin, as well as several other benefits. If you’re not used to drinking a ton of water, then it can be hard to ramp up to a gallon a day immediately. Start where you are and eventually work your way up. A lot of people confuse feeling hungry with being dehydrated. Start drinking more water and see what it does. 

Peptides & Weight Loss

Research Peptides are getting a lot of attention for their health benefits and might be effective according to latest studies. For example, the peptide Tesofensine helped animals to lose more weight over six months who were in a 300 calorie deficit. In other words, studies show that animals who took the research peptide Tesofensine lost as much as six times as much weight as those that didn’t, get more info about weight loss.

What To Eat

There is no magic diet that will solve everyone’s problems. Most diets that do things like cut out bread etc., help people lose weight because grains have a lot of calories. Typically, they aren’t eating enough meat and vegetables to make up for ditching the bun on burgers. It still works, just not exactly for the reasons you think. Choosing the right foods is critical to your weight loss success. You need to avoid high-sugar and calorie-dense foods because you will feel the need to eat more to feel full. Instead, up your protein intake and eat more vegetables that don’t pack in as many calories. Avoid junk food at all costs. 

Of course, one of the main problems of any diet is that people want to have fun occasionally. Discipline is the key to any long-term weight loss. Usually, that involves occasionally cheat days or cheat meals where you feel like you’re not starving yourself or that your diet is making you miserable. Yes, you can still go out with friends and eat delicious food. Just do it in moderation. 

Tracking Your Calories

Tracking calories is one of the best ways to stay on top of your diet and give you the confidence you need when eating. When you know that you’re in a calorie deficit, then you can eat some wings or have that ice cream with confidence knowing that you’re not sabotaging all of your hard dieting work. Thankfully, there are a ton of free tools online and mobile apps that help you track almost any type of food. Give them a try!

By Manali

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