Your loved one has just suffered from say, a fall or s/he has just undergone a surgery but all is good now – they can be discharged from the hospital and are now able to recover at home. 

That’s good news. There is no better place to heal than being in the comfort of one’s home after all but here’s the problem: who should, and how to take care of them during this period?

You may not have the time (and they do require more attention now than before) but even if you can be there 24/7, you may not have the (medical) expertise to take care of them with their current situation. This is when you may want to consider – Home Nursing.

What Is Home Nursing?

In short, home nursing is home-based care provided by nurses. Not just any carer, but people with the credentials and expertise to perform duties like wound care, cervical collar care, urinary catheters and the likes. Basically, care services that can only be provided by nurses. 

This is precisely why home nursing care is the perfect option for any post hospital-discharge, follow-up treatment or any other medical needs of a loved one because they can ensure your loved one rest and recover safely at home. 

1. Healthy Healing

Healing at home is definitely safer than in the hospital as the latter poses a higher risk in exposing your loved one to different infections. Given your loved one is weaker post-surgery (or from their injury/illness), you don’t want to risk having their condition worsen or relapsing, leading to a hospital-readmittance. 

With home nursing, your loved one can get the professional care they require at a setting that alleviates any feelings of stress and anxiety that may come from say, the hospital or nursing home. This will help them heal faster, at the very least, help prevent any additional injuries from happening. 

2. Familiar Surroundings

No one enjoys staying at the hospital but all the more so for seniors as they will feel very anxious and stressed seeing the frequent doctor/nurse visits. Home nursing eliminates such uneasiness, thereby providing a positive impact on your loved one’s mental health as they get to stay at a familiar and comfortable setting surrounded by the things that they love. And when the mindset is healthy, your loved one is on track to heal faster.  

3. Individualised Care

Compared to hospitals where resources are shared among patients (including nurses), home nursing makes customized and personalized care possible. Your in-home nurse will be taking care of your loved one only, without the distraction of other patients’ needs. No doubt this will help in a quicker and more efficient recovery. 

4. Medication Management

Your loved one may have multiple medications to take and this can be confusing to them. Home nursing will ensure your loved one stay on track and take their medications on time so there will be no missing pills, accidental overdose or harmful mixing that could lead to dire consequences. 

5. Peace of Mind for the Family 

Last but not least, home nursing also benefits the family in the sense that it gives peace of mind when you can’t be there. That’s very important, to know that your loved one is in the good hands of trained and qualified personnel because it is just not possible for you to be there 24/7.

By Manali

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