Governments work for the welfare of their people and it is elected to facilitate people in every possible way. The facilities that are available to the public at large and can be availed by everyone are called public facilities. These public facilities are considered to be the basic rights of citizens. Governments that fail to provide their citizens with basic needs often fail and their country regresses back. Apart from the Human Rights Charter that clearly defines the human rights of every individual; certain other basic necessities are to be fulfilled by the government for its people which are discussed in this article.

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Health Care

Government is entitled to provide its citizens with quality health care units. Hospitals, clinics, medical aid, medical transportation, vaccine programs, medical insurance, pharmacies, etc. are some basic health care provisions that a government should facilitate for its people. The government should educate its people regarding Self-Funded Health Plans because to cater for every individual during an emergency situation is not possible for the government so the citizens should also take certain self-measures to ensure their personal safety.

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To secure the people of one’s state is the prime job of every government. No one should feel threatened, harassed, embarrassed, humiliated, insecure, and disrespected in a free state. The state should hire criminal defense attorneys to facilitate its people in every possible manner to grant them proper protection. Security of one’s life, family, profession and education, property and assets, and protection of one’s self-respect and dignity is quite an essential aspect that any government should not overlook.

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An educated government produces an educated nation. Education is a very basic need that is not only vital for individual citizens but is also much essential for nation-building. The government should establish schools, colleges, universities and other technical centres where the youth of the state can groom themselves. Apart from working on educational institutes, the government should also arrange free scholarships for the needy ones, and for the deserving bright students. It should be the responsibility of the government to initiate campaigns that encourage every child to seek education.

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Safe Food and Water

Most of the developed countries have put efforts to provide safe food and water to their people; however, in the developing and the under-developed countries, the situation of food and water is still much pathetic. Many citizens around the world are in need of clean water and fresh food, but certain governments have failed to provide their people with this basic survival need. Governments should try to manage the food and water scarcity so that no individual sleeps with an empty stomach.

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Sanitation and Cleanliness

Every individual likes to live in a neat and clean neighbourhood. Certainly, no one would like to reside near open drainages and garbage piles, however, some unlucky citizens are forced to live in such situations. Providing basic cleanliness and sanitation to people is another factor that the state governments are responsible for. The individuals should also work up with the government to clean their areas though the bigger duty lies with the public authorities in this regard.

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