With trendy hipsters and glamorous girls, everything is clear – they need the latest iPhone models for reasons of matching the image. But after all, other people also buy iPhones – managers and business owners, scientists and students, artists. Apple is a brand that has managed to attract the attention of numerous people and the interest has not been dwindling for a long time.

Why does the iPhone 13 stay in the top when there are many good smartphones from other brands on sale? What makes the brand so attractive? Let’s list the main reasons in the following article.

iPhone Has Almost no Bugs

Since the founding of Apple, this has been at the forefront. Any model has been made in such a way that neither software slows down or fails during operation. Nothing has changed – even after several years of active use, the user does not have any questions and problems (as happened, for example, with one of the most successful iPhone SE models, which was re-released in the new version of the iPhone SE 2 – and instantly became incredibly popular). How many brands can boast of such quality of their gadgets in the long run? Probably not so many.

It also works perfectly when you are surfing the Internet. You can visit the online casino NZ site, play different games, watch videos and bugs will not irritate you. In fact, iPhone is the most optimized smartphone in the world.

You Can Get the Invested Funds Back By Selling iPhone

You can say as much as you like, but the fact remains that the used smartphone market is very large, and many people use it. Someone buys a long-desired model cheaper than a new one, others are looking for smartphones for elderly parents or children who always lose or break everything. Those who have sold their old iPhone at least once know that they will tear it off with their hands, and they will be able to return a substantial amount from the investment. None of the other brands in the secondary market is so valued.

iPhone is Status

With all known reservations, things emphasize the status of the owner. No matter what they say, each of us is greeted by clothes – and they also look at the brand of shoes and bags, the brand of car and smartphone. Owners of Apple technology feel a certain community and belonging to the elite. A recent example with a new social network for the elite, which could only be accessed from an iPhone, is enough.

iPhone Games Run Better

It is clear that not everyone, in principle, is interested in playing a shooter or strategy on a smartphone – but there are many who play. The same game on devices from Apple goes better. It does not have bugs and does not annoy players. It’s just a fact to be acknowledged.

In addition, downloading the game on iPhone directly from App Store is easier. Of course, there are paid games as well, but free games are also available. Once you click the Get button in the App Store, the game will be downloaded and installed automatically. The only drawback when we talk about games is the problem of battery life, but with newer models, it is gradually improving as well.

iPhone Has Everything

The device, which has just been unpacked and taken out of the box, can be used without downloading anything additional from the Internet – everything is already on it. Most Android devices lack something, even the smartest of them. This does not happen with iPhones. For sure, you will need to download the apps like YouTube and Facebook, but the majority of programs are already embedded in this smartphone.

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