With cold weather right around the corner, now is the right time to perform seasonal home repairs. While a solid, reliable roof is important year-round, it’s particularly so during the winter months. A home’s roof protects a family and their belongings while offering a comfortable, safe environment. Here, we’ll list a few reasons to schedule a roof inspection before winter comes.

Spring and Summer Weather Can Be Damaging

Although most homeowners don’t think much about it, spring rains and summer winds adversely affect the safety and structural integrity of Idaho Falls roofing. Scheduling a pre-season roof inspection will allow contractors to determine the extent of the damage and recommend solutions.

Finding Problems

Although some roof damage occurs suddenly, it’s gradual in most cases. Debris, vegetation, and weathering cause problems over time, and a fall roof inspection may point out minor issues before they become major hassles.

Saving Money by Resolving Issues Early

As mentioned above, roof inspections point out hidden issues. There’s another reason to make the call: it makes prompt action easier. Roof problems don’t go away on their own, so minimize the risk of serious damage by scheduling an inspection as soon as possible.

Getting the Roof Ready for Winter

With a seasonal inspection, homeowners and contractors can decide if there are ways to prevent additional damage during winter. By scheduling an inspection now, you’ll get the services needed to protect the roof throughout the season.

Planning Ahead

Scheduled maintenance is cheaper than an emergency repair or roof replacement. Keep money in your pocket by taking protective, preventive steps. With the money saved on roof repairs, your family can enjoy a fun, comfortable winter.

The Weather is Perfect

In this part of Idaho, fall weather is ideal for roof maintenance and inspections. The right time to work on a roof is when the skies are clear and the temperature is above 50 degrees. Cold causes shingles to harden and crack, which means it’s best to schedule inspections before the temperature drops.

Protecting Shingles

To create a strong, air- and moisture-resistant barrier, shingle sealing is essential. An inspection and sealing will reduce the risk of roof leaks and water damage during a long winter.

Saving Money and Energy

A fall roof inspection will help homeowners save money on utilities. Fall is a great time to maintain a home’s roof, as the cost of repairs may be partially offset by the money you’re saving on heating. You’ll save energy, too!

Staying Comfortable

During a long Idaho winter, it’s hard to stand the cold without thinking about roof leaks. Avoid the worry by addressing potential problems early on via a roof inspection.

Peace of Mind

Snowy winter days aren’t the right time to think about roof repairs. Most families want to relax and enjoy the fun of the holidays and scheduling a roof inspection will ensure that everything is in good shape for the season.

Schedule a Roof Inspection Today

While winter brings cold days and nights, there are ways to get through it in comfort. By scheduling an inspection before the first snowfall, families can determine whether repairs are needed and get them done fast. Call, click, or email today to learn more about seasonal inspections or to schedule a visit from a licensed roofer.

By Manali

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